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Find your next investment property opportunity here OR provide BPS with your ideal investment property criteria and we will canvas the market for solid profitable opportunities through our exclusive network or the (MLS).

BPS can be your one stop Real Estate investing solution source! We host a variety of investor services that are geared towards your investing strategy. It doesn't matter if your investing strategy is to fix & flip, buy & hold, or cash out refinancing with tenant placement, BPS has successfully facilitated all strategies on our own and through joint ventures with our investor clients.

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Acquisitions - Accurate Market Analysis, Placing offers, (LOI)

As active investor's in Maryland, we provide a wealth of knowledge to the well seasoned investor and also those looking to pursue a new venture in Real Estate Investing. We have acquired properties all over throughout the Baltimore, MD metro area & surrounding Counties. Ideally our focus is residential single-family homes however, we have handled a variety of commercial transactions and also properties that are zoned commercial mixed use. With experience as a foundation, when we come across an opportunity with a nice (ARV) or (ROI), we aggressively engage our property market analysis resources for further value investigation and proceed with placing an offer that's right on the bull's eye!


Financing - Private Lenders & Hard Money loans

Do you need investment property financing? BPS has the private & hard money lenders in line to help you achieve your mission in real estate. Our lenders are verified, have skin in the game and have successfully backed many investors just like you all throughout the Baltimore, MD area. Loan variables are typically based on the (ARV) of the subject property and most lenders charge between 12 -18% interest and 2-5 points (1 point = 1 percent of the loan amount) to borrow their money. Over the years, we have financed many of our own fix and flip projects utilizing private or hard money when needed. Essentially giving us the working capital to quickly place offers on subject properties of interest.

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Property Settlement Closings

As Real Estate investors, we acquire properties using creative financing techniques so it is important that the party handling the investment property closing has a profound understanding of the different closing structures that exist. Our Title company has that knowledge and has successfully facilitated thousands of Real Estate transactions for properties located throughout Baltimore, MD.


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