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We appreciate your interest in our property management services! Baltimore Property Solutions offers a full range of rental property management services that are tailored to you as an Investor, Homeowner, or Landlord. Our team of dedicated managers specialize in the Full-Service Property Management of Single-Family Homes, Small Apartment Duplexes, Multi-Family Apartment Buildings, Zoned Commercial and Commercial Mixed-Use Properties.

- Do you have an upcoming vacancy?

- Are you looking for a change in property management?

- Is self-managing just taking up way too much of your valuable time?

- Are your tenants month's behind in rent payments?

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If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, you have a need for professional Property Management services. "Let Baltimore Property Solutions Effectively and Efficiently get you the results that You deserve"!

Our Scope of Services for Full Rental Property Management Service includes but not limited to:

Rent Invoicing

Your tenant will always know when, where and how much they are responsible for paying each month

At least one week prior to the end of the month, tenants receive their monthly rent balance statement vie email or U.S. postal mail. The monthly rent invoice will include a detailed of any rent and any applicable lease or utility charges. Tenants can also login to our BPS community website at any time to check rent balances and also confirm that prior payments have posted. This enables our tenants to stay on top of their rent payments.


Rent Collection

With integrated online rent payment, Collection is Easy, Fast and Secure

The era of dropping checks in the mail has almost become a thing of the past. With rent payments now occurring directly on our website, we can ensure that rent is paid seamlessly and in a efficient manner. We recognize the importance of timely rental payments, so that all monthly expenses can be made. Tenants who for whatever reason have not paid by the 5th of the month will receive reminders of their outstanding balances vie email and phone. We continue to pursue consistently until the rent is paid.


Expense Payment

We review all expenses for accuracy; Tracking and Recording all expenses

Each invoice that our office receives is carefully reviewed and analyzed prior to any payment being made. We compare the invoice vs estimate or request for service, and stringently check for errors in accounting, billing or overage charges.


Insurance Payment

Having the coverage you need when sudden matters arise and you need it most

Given the complexities of today's insurance policies, having the proper coverage when insurance matters arise can mean all the difference when you experience a loss. It is critical to have an adequate amount of coverage with a reputable agency, and also to make sure that your payments are made each month like clockwork. Our team can obtain quotes and also handle the expense payments for monthly insurance.


Tenant Requests & Relations

We field all tenant requests and legitimate emergencies- Alleviating you of the headaches and hassles

With our vast experience in handling tenant issues and requests, we know exactly what residents expect and how to maintain an open line of communication for clarity. Through our software, tenants can place maintenance request and any other property related request that they may need serviced. Our clients save time and money while we retain happy and long term tenants. 24/7 emergency response with appropriate vendor dispatch is available for legitimate emergency calls.


Maintenance and Repair Issues

When maintenance or repair is needed, Our team ensures that the project is performed correctly to our standards with cost savings in mind

By routine inspections of the property and responding quickly to all issues, we help keep the small problems from becoming bigger. Our team is equipped with a in-house maintenance crew for those small odds and ends repairs, unit turnovers, and also licensed contractors to execute full scale property renovations. We can ensure that you will get the best price possible when it comes to servicing and maintaining your investment property.


Initial Lease and Yearly Lease Renewal Preparations

Forget the thought of ever using an inadequate or out of date lease again

Baltimore Property Solutions will carefully tailor and prepare each lease according to the property and housing circumstances. Our lease is designed to provide our clients and their properties the most protection provided in the State of Maryland. Our office is well informed of any new or changing laws in Maryland that may have an impact on our clients or their properties, and our lease is modified with adjustments in accords with those laws and regulations. When necessary, we effectively enforce our lease in Maryland Rent Court with a track record of providing adequate documentation.


Unit Turnover Services

We pre-inspect the unit, obtain the most cost efficient bid, and oversee all turnover work

Pre move-out inspections and reports are conducted and generated at least 2 weeks prior to the end of the lease term and tenant key return. Once the tenant has vacated the premises with all belongings as stated in our lease, our team checks the property again for any damages that may have not been clearly seen. We obtain estimates from our list of preferred vendors for repairs and replacements, while facilitating any deductions necessary from the tenant's security deposit for repairs that exceed normal wear. We oversee the completion of unit turnover work for jobs such as:  Unit Painting, Floor Refinishing, punch-out items or small sprucing that may be necessary. BPS will work hard to save money when possible and keep maintenance & repair expense low while providing quality craftsmanship.


24/7 Emergency Repair Assistance & Dispatch

We are here to protect your interests when an emergency strikes on the clock and off the clock in those inconvenient hours

Our managers are readily available to respond to all emergency calls and dispatching of the appropriate vendor for the emergency at hand. Each tenant is given our emergency contact number and procedures during their lease signing, so that immediate contact can be made should the need arise. BPS managers have responded appropriately to many emergencies over the years and our on-site presence ensures that our clients do not get taken advantage of in those times of crisis.


Renovation Oversight

Have you been contemplating updates to maximize your (ROI)?

We can comprehensively oversee any size home improvement project or renovation and provide the appropriate guidance. We perform many renovations to our own property portfolio, but also understand that some property owners elect to use their own team of professionals for various trades. By being experts in the industry we provide key knowledge to save you tremendous amounts of money.


Monthly and Annual Accounting Statement Preparations

Transparent and detailed expense and income statements are provided to you on time, every month, and your tax preparation is easy at the end of the year with our statements

Tracking the financial activity of your investment is made simple with our monthly and annual statements. By the 15th of every month, you will receive our monthly owner's statement, which details the income and expense reporting for your property. All receipts, invoices, and recurring charges are attached for transparency and tracking purposes. Additionally, owner's can track their monthly statements and run financial reports on our BPS website owner portal. This makes annual required tax filings simpler and cheaper for you considering that the reporting is practically done.


Legal Service Representation & Referral

If a legal issue should happen to arise, our experts will ensure that your matters are handled properly

While our goal is to avoid legal issues at all cost, in the event that they should occur, BPS team of experts are ready to effectively advocate for you with all Maryland Rental Property Regulations. In the event that an Attorney is needed for the landlord in court, we can refer you to our team of real estate and defense attorney's that are known for effectively handling legal matters in Maryland.


Multi-Family Building Inspections & Compliance

Ensure that your building is in line with the City & County code

To ensure that your building is safe, secure and operating to the City's or County's standards, BPS performs routine inspections of our own and also annual inspections with the appropriate inspectors for safety and multi-family yearly inspections. We will make sure your multi-family is zoned properly, registered, MDE inspected, and appropriate license placed where specified by the City or State.

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