How to properly prepare my house or apartment For-Rent?

Whether you're a homeowner that is looking to rent your home for the first time, or a well-seasoned investor that has an operating rental property portfolio, knowing how to properly prepare your property For-Rent can be a daunting and cumbersome task for many. There are many things that an owner can do to maximize the rental income of a property and boost its potential to attract well qualified tenants. If your property shows that it has been cared for or well maintained initially, an owner is more likely to attract high quality tenants, and those tenants are more likely to treat the property with the same respect.

Hire the Help of a Property Manager

Self managing a rental property can be a difficult task. You can, however, take advantage of the many benefits of hiring one of Baltimore's Best Rental Property Management Companies. BALTIMORE PROPERTY SOLUTIONS, LLC., can assist you from start to finish with renting out your property, from initial inspections and suggestions, to tenant selection and placement, to managing and maintaining your property. With our team of experts, property preparations couldn't be any easier.

Obtaining the assistance of an experienced and reliable property management team sometimes is vital to reduce your length in property vacancy. It also provides clients with an competitive edge in today's rental property market. Regardless of your tenant occupancy preference as an owner, if your goal is to secure a well qualified long-term tenant for your rental property, following our guidelines for rental property preparations will ensure your success at doing so.

Here is our property preparation checklist to ensure that your property is in rent ready standards:

  • The subject property should have the building number or address properly displayed on the front of the house as well as any mailboxes.
  • Yards should be free of brush, debris and properly trimmed.
  • Roof should be free of any leaks.
  • Smoke & Carbon detectors should be properly installed in their designated locations. (May vary upon property physical location)
  • 5-Pound Fire Extinguisher that has been serviced and properly housed.
  • All exterior/interior, entry & passage doors should open and close smoothly with ease and lock if applicable.
  • All windows and sliding doors should be operable with good condition screens.
  • All appliances and other systems related to the property should be clean and in good condition: refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, microwave, ceiling fans, disposal, air conditioners, heaters, A/C system, garage door openers, etc.
  • Electrical outlets & switches should work properly and have covers.
  • Light fixtures throughout should have bulbs and scones if applicable.
  • All plumbing and fixtures should up to date and in good working order.
  • Any bathroom or kitchen tile work should be caulked, grouted, and secure. (Replace any cracked tiles)
  • Any cabinets and closets should be clean and cleared.
  • Smells and odors of the property should be clean and pleasant. The property should not have a smell of mold, mildew, or pets.
  • Subject property should be inspected and treated if necessary for rodents and pest. (Any visible exterior/interior voids or intrusion areas should be sealed)
  • Walls should be freshly painted or clean. Floors should be clean, including carpet and wood floors. (Consider replacing or refinishing if aged)
  • All mail should be properly routed to its intended party.
  • Copies of all warranties, service contracts, termite and/or pest control contracts should be provided to BALTIMORE PROPERTY SOLUTIONS, LLC.
  • A copy of your Insurance policy needs forwarding to our office.

Cleaning Standards:

  1. SWEEPING: A properly swept floor is free of all dirt, dust, grit, lint, and debris, except embedded dirt and grit.
  2. FLOOR MOPPING: A satisfactorily damp mopped floor is without dirt, dust, marks, film streaks, debris, or water.
  3. DUSTING: A properly dusted surface is free of all dirt, dust streaks, lint, and cobwebs, etc.
  4. WALL WASHING: Walls are considered clean when the surfaces of the walls have a uniformly clean appearance, free of dirt, lint, visible fingerprints, stains, cleaning marks, streaks, and graffiti. Painted surfaces must not be damaged. Hard-finished, glazed ceramic tile surfaces must be bright and free of film, streaks, and deposits.
  5. SCRUBBING: Scrubbing is considered satisfactory when surfaces are not embedded with dirt, stains, debris, marks, cleaning solutions or standing water residues.
  6. LIGHT FIXTURE CLEANING: Light fixtures are considered clean when all components are free and clear from dirt, grease, lint, dust, film, and insects. All housing lenses that have been removed should be replaced or re-installed.
  7. PLUMBING FIXTURES & DISPENSER CLEANING: These are considered clean when they are visibly clear and free from any staining, rust, mold, streaks, film, or any residue.
  8. APPLIANCE CLEANING: Draws such as cabinets, oven, refrigerator, vanities, (etc.), should be pulled out, inspected, and considered clean when uniformly clean and clear free of dirt, dishes, grime, stains, dust, lint, food, insects, or rodent droplets.

These are a few helpful suggestions to better prepare and introduce your Baltimore Rental Property to the Baltimore, Maryland rental property market. Should you need further assistance with Property Preparation and would prefer to hire professional property preparation guru's, BALTIMORE PROPERTY SOLUTIONS is here to assist.

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